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Welcome and hello to our Holland!

We are a young, enthusiastic and fun company! Proud of our country and a little bit impatient to share our view and our thoughts about Holland with our clients. We got a little bit scared reading several items about the Dutch tourism. Actually a lot of you really think that Amsterdam is Holland .. 

Then we have a little secret for you... Now Way!! There is so much more in Holland to explore than only Amsterdam!! We were a little bit confused, a little bit shocked and a little bit angry.

That is why we decided to start the one and only Dutch Travel Guide company Check Out Holland!

Off course Amsterdam is the most familiar and most domestic city in the country. It is our capital and biggest city in our small and quite flat country. But that doesn't mean Amsterdam is Holland or Holland is Amsterdam!

Our small but o so beautiful country has som much more to offer!! And we really would like to show you around! We start with Amsterdam.. en after Amsterdam we make sure you are really happy we showed you the rest!

But first we need to straighten some things up ..

1. We don't smoke weed every day! Because weed is kind of legalized in our country, that doesn't mean we smoke it all day. Actually there are a lot of people that even don't smoke weed at all !

2. Not all Dutch people live in Amsterdam and Amsterdam is not The Netherlands! Amsterdam has about 900.000 inhabits and in our complete country live more then 16 million people. So not even 10% of the Dutch people live in Amsterdam.

3. Not all Dutch people have blond hair and blue eyes. Most of the Dutch don't and the Netherlands is not a Scandinavian country.

4. We don't live in tulip fields, wearing wooden shoes and live in a windmill and eat cheese all day. Oke.. we have a lot of tulips, windmills, wooden shoes and cheese. But nevertheless.. We live in normal houses, with normal food and normal shoes (although a lot of people from the countryside love to walk on wooden shoes!)

5. We are not cheap, we don't split bills for diner and when we go out not everybody has to pay for his/hers own drinks when invited to a party.

6. We are not rude but direct. That is something in our culture and was in our culture long times ago. Why wast time by making a lot of things up or making excuses while the answer can be so quite simple and clear. Yes or no

And further we are a lot of fun people! But that is something you need to find out by yourself!

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